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About Us

Our Story


9 years ago, I had $2.14 in my bank account. One year later, I bought my first canvas & my first financial book. Fast forward to today, not only do I have over 500 books in my library and over 30 Canvases in my office surrounding me, but the combination of the two helped me achieve my goal of making millions of dollars. The strong connection between gaining knowledge via reading and seeing something motivating every day that pushes you towards your goals has an unbelievable ripple effect.



Here is a picture of my office. This is something I’ve believed in for almost a decade. Believe it or not, I was actually going to start this company back in 2020 because I believed in it so much. I truly believed it was one of the core pillars to my success. I ended up focusing on different projects until I can make this one RIGHT. And now, I believe my team and I have done just that. Just for clarification, my team and I have been blessed to run several multi-million dollar companies. I only mention that to say this is not some “money” project. We’re doing this because we believe it was essential to our success, and that’s the whole motto of our businesses: to give people across the world access to everything that has helped us.

Who We Are ?


We are a team of 57 people who run a variety of life-changing businesses. Businesses ranging from: a Charity, a Funding Company, a Streaming Site, and now, an art company; all of them created to serve the world for the better. Join us in our journey to continually help individuals across the world go from their humble beginnings to financially independent!